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Removing any porcelain, granite, marble or ceramic tile can be a long and painstaking endeavour, whether you are in a residential or commercial building.
Doing it right will need a lot of manpower, specialized vehicles, heavy-duty equipment, and thorough cleaning. Also, disposing of the old tiles is a difficult task since they are pretty heavy and leave behind a lot of pesky dust. As such, it really is not a DIY job like other house maintenance chores.
The right quality tile removable job needs to be carried out by a group of licensed professionals like the ones we have down here at Ottawa Demolition and Removals, we provide cost-effective, dust-free tire removal as well as eco-friendly waste management and disposal for residents across the province of Ontario. Read more below on our floor removal service options.

We demolish with care. Find out how Ottawa Demolition & Removals can help on your next project!

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If you find your current floor tiles a little bland or unappealing and need some help installing some new in chic ones, then Ottawa Demolition and Removals has got you covered.
Our team has years of experience dealing with many types of flooring materials, no matter the scale of the floor removal job, our team of licensed professionals is well-trained and will get it done just right. We are one of the only tile removal services that guarantees a smooth, clean subfloor. We also offer dust-free tile removal using our specialized methods and equipment that get rid of all unnecessary material.
If you are looking for flooring demolition, removal, or both, we offer reliable service with speed, care, and cleanliness. We are also fully insured, so quality is guaranteed!

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Whether it’s vinyl composition tile (VCT), ceramic tile, or other, Ottawa Demolition and Removals has the professionals and equipment required to handle all tile removal projects.
Not only that, but we’ll make sure to remove the mastics beneath your tiles so that you’re all set for your new floor.
No matter how small or big the floor removal job may be, our team of experienced flooring removalists can most definitely get the job done quickly and efficiently with the aid of state-of-the-art tools and specialized vehicles.
Just to give you an idea of how we handle a typical flooring removal job, we’re going to highlight our process with regard to VCT and ceramic tile removals, considering they’re the most popular types of floor tile in

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Before you decide to go through conventional tire removal services, you can request a free quote! All you need to do for your free estimate is enter your full name, phone number, email, and inspection details. For the description, make sure you indicate details like how many square feet of floor tile you need to be removed as well as the size of the location. All of this will impact the pricing, and the more details you provide, the more accurate the estimate.

You are under no obligation to follow through if you are not happy with your free estimate. If you are though, just give us a call and we will book you right away for your floor tile removal. Give us a call at 613 668-3929 or reach out to us on messenger if you have questions or want to book an appointment.

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Interior demolition is when our crew comes into your home or residential property for the purpose of clearing out spaces, usually through demolishing parts of a structure or the structure in its entirety, depending on the scope and nature of the demolition project.