Load-Bearing Wall Removal



If you are looking for more space in your kitchen for cooking or want to remove the walls blocking the sunlight from your bedroom, then are going to want to hire someone to remove that pesky load-bearing wall. Although you can add a house extension, it may be a lot easier (and
cheaper) to just reconfigure your existing layout. However, remember that the integrity of your house’s structure depends on these walls, so do not start trying to take a hammer to your walls just yet.
It is best to hire a professional like the ones we have here at Ottawa Demolition and Removals who can create a brand-new space for you while keeping your home structurally sound. We have a team of dedicated professionals with structural expertise that can remove load-bearing walls in your home for increased comfort and possible higher resale value!

What Are Load-Bearing

A house’s construction consists of multiple interior and exterior walls that could be load-bearing walls or partition ones.
The latter serves as a means of separation between inner rooms, while load-bearing walls, as their name indicates, are the ones that carry the weight of the building. In other words, they bear the weight of the ceiling, roof, and upper floors, so without them, a house won’t stay upright.
Yet, you might want to remove load-bearing walls in your house to open up floor plans, expose more light to dark spaces, or create more living and working space. Regardless of your reason, unless you’re a professional, removing a load-bearing wall requires a team of engineers, architects, and contractors with experience in structural wall removal to carry out the structural work safely.

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Why You Need Our
Load-Bearing Wall
Removal Service

When you got your house walls and structure built, you hired a team of experts. The same is needed for load-bearing wall removal. It is not a DIY job, and if done improperly can result in mistakes that create safety hazards and maybe even irreversibly damage your home. Even taking down small parts of a load-bearing wall without proper planning can result in injury to yourself.
So, make sure you give us at Ottawa Demolitions and Removal a call so our experienced team of demolition professionals can safely and securely remove your load-bearing walls.

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