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Shed Removal

Having a messy yard can take away from the overall aesthetics of your property, especially if there’s an old, dusty shed right in the middle sticking out like a sore thumb.
If you’re looking to carry out a landscaping project or simply trying to make use of your outdoor space more efficiently but can’t due to the presence of an old shed, we’re here to help you with just that!
Ottawa Demolition and Removals offers professional yard clean-up and shed removal services guaranteed to bring new life to your outdoor space. Here’s what we offer you when it comes to renovation of your site.


We have a diverse team of professional removalists and the right specialized vehicles and equipment to get the job done.
Our process is both quick and simple, and we can remove just about anything from your yard. Besides that, old shed, we can help you get rid of lawn clippings, tree branches, old lumber, timber, shingles, stumps, and more.
We are also an environmentally conscious company and use eco-friendly methods to dispose of your unwanted yard waste. If we need to dispose of chemicals or materials that harm the environment, we make sure to store and recycle them in specialized recycling facilities.
Wherever you are in Ontario, you are just a phone call away from having your pesky yard litter removed.

We demolish with care. Find out how Ottawa Demolition & Removals can help on your next project!

Thorough Shed
Demolition and

Here at Ottawa Demolition and Removals, we also offer shed demolition and leanout services that remove any trade of a shed ever being in your backyard. Our removal is nice and quick, so it will not remain at your property for too long. Also, our removal is super cost-effective, and the price is based on how much space your shed takes up in your house. As well as old sheds, we can also get rid of old junk in your yard, basement, or storage in no time.
However, while we can do it quickly, it can be dangerous to dismantle one on your own without the right team and equipment behind you. Here at Ottawa Demolition and Removals, we have all the right vehicles, manpower, and insurance so quality is guaranteed.

Residential and
Commercial Yard
Junk Removal

Your local garbage collection services are not nearly as efficient when it comes to waste, and you are sure to find your city’s process to be both cumbersome and time consuming. These services are also fairly limited in scope and will not remove many types of materials like tree branches, twigs, or your dismantled shed.
Here at Ottawa Demolition and Removals, we have been providing both residential and commercial junk and yard waste removal services for quite some time now. Our team of experienced professionals are able to use safe and eco-friendly materials for a secure and efficient removal, no matter how difficult the task may be. Whether its day-to-day junk removal, shed removal, curbside pickup, furniture removal, or construction site cleanouts, we have got you covered so you can save yourself the hassle!

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We are one of the only junk removal services in Ontario that offer free estimates on removal jobs. All you need to do for your free quote is enter your last name, email address, and phone number, and a description of your inspection.

When it comes to shed removals, you are going to have to specify the side of the shed and the space it occupies for an accurate estimate. You can rest assured that there you are not obligated to follow through after you receive free estimates if you are not happy with your pricing options. If you are, all you have to do is book an appointment when you are available and we will show up right on schedule to get rid of your shed. We can also do same-day removals!

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Interior demolition is when our crew comes into your home or residential property for the purpose of clearing out spaces, usually through demolishing parts of a structure or the structure in its entirety, depending on the scope and nature of the demolition project.