Asbestos Abatement


Asbestos Abatement

Asbestos was once one of the more popular building materials for floor tiling, pipe insulation, and house siding. However, we have come to recognize numerous health risks associated with these fibers, especially if they are not properly removed. To safely remove asbestos, there is a delicate process that requires trained professionals like those here at Ottawa Demolition and Removals. We are the leading experts in asbestos removal in southern Ontario and have a team of certified industry professionals with ample experience with the equipment and removal process. So, give us a call today and make sure your asbestos removal is as safe as possible!

Health Risk
of Asbestos

Many wonder why asbestos was once one of the more popular building materials since it is now known to cause so much harm. Let’s take a look at what they are and why they are so harmful to your respiratory health.
Asbestos Fibers
Damaged asbestos materials release tiny fibers that spread quickly through the air. If you breathe in one of these asbestos-filled rooms, you may inhale and ingest them into your lungs.
What are the long-term effects?
Short-term exposure to asbestos has fairly few adverse effects and is unlikely to cause any serious health damage. However, it can be a problem for long-term building residents who regularly breathe in asbestos-filled air. Asbestosis, the main disease associated with the material, occurs when your lungs are scarred from the inside, making it difficult to breathe. However, the main threat is mesothelioma, a less commonly known cancer that can develop on the lining of your lungs, chest, and abdomen. Lung cancer has also been known to be associated with long-term exposure to asbestos. Click here for more information on asbestos from the government of Canada.

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Our Asbestos

Let’s walk you through our Ottawa Demolition &
Removals procedure to show you how we get the
asbestos removal job done in Ontario.
The first step is asbestos testing where we turn off any HVAC units so that airborne asbestos fibers stop circulating around your property. Then, our team will inspect the site environment to find the source of the asbestos in the air.
Securing the Site
Once the source of the asbestos fibres has been located, we will remove any items from the area to stop them from being contaminated. We also recommend residents do their own deep clean of any items that have come in contact with the asbestos.
Removing Asbestos-Containing Materials
Then we remove all asbestos materials and seal then in a marked, airlocked bag. After we remove the source of asbestos, we use a high-efficiency particulate absorbing (HEPA) filter to clean the air in the building and then disposes of the asbestos in a manner compliant with Canada’s waste regulations.


Make sure you do not try this yourself since asbestos is a very harmful material that can lead to potentially life-threatening health risks. Our team is comprised of trained, professional workers licensed in asbestos abatement and can remove the asbestos source safely. Also, our team members use equipment to protect themselves from the asbestos during the removal process, so they are not exposed to its toxins. Lastly, all our employees are employed by a certified and licensed asbestos company in Ontario, making them perfectly placed to deal with your asbestos as safely as possible.
We at Ottawa Demolition & Removals are an experienced company in the industrial and construction fields. We have different teams for different types of work relating to construction projects, such as demolition services and asbestos abatement.
Everyone in our Ottawa asbestos removal team is a certified professional with vast experience in asbestos abatement services in residential, commercial, and more buildings. And project after project in Ontario, our asbestos removal team never disappoints.
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