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Homeowner Services

Whether you’re looking for a demolition, removals or demolition with removals, our team of professional demolition artists are prepared for all residential demolition and removal projects.

Contractor Services

Are you a professional contractor looking for a team of expert demolition artists? We handle projects with speed, care and cleanliness.

We demolish with care. Find out how Ottawa Demolition & Removals can help on your next project!


At Ottawa Demolition & Removals, our commitment to quality demolition work is backed up by years of experience in helping our community grow and expand. We take pride in meticulous workmanship, hand-picking our crews, providing thorough training & oversight and executing with attention to detail.
We enjoy working with homeowners to clear properties and structures for new building. We also love working with contractors and developers to help clear the way for the growth that our city continues to experience. Whatever the scope of your project, we’re here to help.
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