Top quality work for demolitions in Ottawa for homeowners and residential properties
Demolitions are currently being sought-after across Ontario by renovators and residential demolition contractors. However, when you are looking to renovate or remodel your house, it will definitely help to have a demolitions team that knows what they’re doing. That’s why they are here for you right here at Ottawa Demolition and Removals. We are a local business located right here in Southern Ontario and have a team of certified, professional experts who specialize in all types of residential demolition services and safe handling of hazardous waste. Whether you are looking to start a new construction project or need complete or small-scale demolition services for a remodelling of your house, we have you covered!

We demolish with care. Find out how Ottawa Demolition & Removals can help on your next project!

Our Residential Demolition Services

At Ottawa Demolition & Removals, we can demolish, renovate, or both. Our clients include homeowners who need demolition, demolition contractors looking for a demolition team with the right expertise for their demolition projects, and real estate agents who need to remodel before selling a property.
Let us tell you more about our residential demolition services.
Quality Guaranteed
We ensure our professional workers specialize in what they’re doing and are provided with the best equipment to efficiently and safely complete any demolition job. After all, we don’t want outdated equipment threatening the integrity of our work or the safety of our workers.
Our team is all about commitment, and they’re well aware of the different types of structures on which they work, thanks to the years of experience they have. We place our trust in our team and rely on them to get the job done, and you can too.
Fully Insured
Insurance is essential to us, so we fully insure everything around our demolition – you don’t need to worry about anything from the moment you reach out to us until the project is complete.
House Demolition With Care
We recognize that it’s hard to do this job safely. However, we follow all the Ontario demolition safety requirements by the book because safety is our number one priority.
We also fence the place where we work to keep our excavating project confined away from the public who are likely unfamiliar with house demolition or excavation services in general.
Why Us?
Now that you’re familiar with our techniques and full service, let us tell you about the benefits we offer at Ottawa Demolition & Removals to ensure our clients are always happy!
Customer Feedback
We enjoy hearing feedback from our customers, especially constructive feedback that we can learn from for the future. Check out our client testimonials!

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Interior demolition is when our crew comes into your home or residential property for the purpose of clearing out spaces, usually through demolishing parts of a structure or the structure in its entirety, depending on the scope and nature of the demolition project.