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Stucco Removal

Great craftsmanship, precision, and downright artistry are needed to remove stucco safely and efficiently, be it a texture, swirl, knock-down, or popcorn ceiling removal.
While it’s possible to remove an old stucco ceiling all by your lonesome, your chances of acing the removal to perfection are pretty slim. The reason behind that is that stucco ceilings require specialized equipment and a great deal of experience to be removed safely without affecting the property’s structural integrity.
At Ottawa Demolition and Removals, we provide professional residential and commercial stucco removal services all throughout the great province of Ontario and surrounding areas. Read on to learn more.

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When it comes to house remodelling and modernizing, ceiling work is of utmost importance, be it drywall repairs, water damage repairs, or a full-blown ceiling upgrade.
But the thing about stucco is that it’s available in many different types, from popcorn stucco ceilings to California stucco ceilings, and each type should be handled differently.
With that being said, we wouldn’t recommend carrying out a ceiling repair or removal job alone; the help of ceiling specialists is imperative.
If you’re based in Ontario and looking for an established removal company to help you extract and get rid of your old ceiling and make room for a brand-new, smooth ceiling, Ottawa Demolition and Removals is way to go.

We demolish with care. Find out how Ottawa Demolition & Removals can help on your next project!

Why You Should
Get Rid Of Your
Stucco Ceiling

Stucco offers many benefits that from cost-effectiveness, to ease of installation, to reliable noise absorption. However, there are some negative things associated with stucco ceilings.
For one thing, many stucco ceilings contain asbestos fibers, insects, and allergens which can be very damaging to your health and overall
Stucco ceilings also sometimes make the room feel smaller than it actually is. The texture is also adept at absorbing light, making it feel dark even with light fixtures or pot lights.
Another annoying feature is that is very hard to clean dust or carry out water repairs on a stucco ceiling. Lastly, it is not the most durable construction material and parts may start to crack, break, and fall off after some time.
Nowadays, stucco ceilings are a thing of the past and smooth ceilings are the new craze and can increase the value of your house.

We Handle Stucco
Removal Jobs With
Quality Workmanship

With the help of a diverse team of professional removalists, along with specialized vehicles and equipment, we take great pride in being capable of removing any type of stucco. The whole process differs from one type to another. It also differs based on the presence of asbestos in the plaster.
If there’s a large percentage of asbestos in your ceiling, certain safety measures must be taken to ensure a smooth, hassle-free removal. Here’s how we do things to provide quality work.

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We take pride in our customer-oriented ceiling services and offer free estimates and popcorn ceiling removal on all stucco jobs.

To receive your free quote, just enter your full name, phone number, email, and inspection details. The more specific you are with those details, the more accurate we can be with our estimate. Some valuable details include the removal you want as well as the space your stucco ceiling takes up.

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